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My Ideal Weekend

Ideal weekends vary with the seasons.  Rarely does an "ideal" weekend happen in fullness, but there are always a few aspects that wind itself into the days.  In the summer I love going to the farmers market early than stopping for pastries and coffee at Emily's bakery.  Afternoons are spent in the yard or at a park enjoying fresh air and sunshine.  As the day winds down, having friends over for dinner and games or a fire completes the fun.  Sundays are church with coffee, afternoons spent napping, reading, a walk, and making a simple supper.  Winter brings a slight deviation and more books.  Quietly reading over Saturday breakfast of Eggs Benedict and rich tea with real cream.  Watching the Gourmet Foodie at noon.  Spending the afternoon with my husband and children playing or out at friends.  We love the Children's museum and the Minnesota Zoo.  If we can get a sitter for the kids on Saturday my husband and I like going to the coffee shop and bookstore to browse.  Otherwise we find a movie to watch once the kids are asleep and snuggle on the couch.  On winter Sundays I enjoy cooking large afternoon dinners.  We finish the evening with popcorn, fruit and a family movie. 

Flowers and Plants