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My Favorite TV Show

By Patrick George

My favorite Saturday morning indulgence is to watch "Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie" on PBS.  On these rare occasions when we are home for the weekend, my husband makes lunch and I curl up with a cup of tea to be transported to another place: the Food World.  The program takes you across the globe highlighting food trends, exotic ingredients, ethnic staples, and the beauty of food, culture and travel.  I am practically crying by the time the hour ends.....longing with desire to get away from my own life long eating habits and embrace new foods and recipes and experience the whole world.  The beauty transforms me and even as I long to get up and go to these new places, after the show has ended, I look around and see my family and home through fresh eyes.  It is this moment I love. This moment of thankfulness and wonder for all that I have and all the diversity that is there for my family explore.

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