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Favorite Restaurant

By Phil and Pam

In the small town of Owego, NY is a quaint gift shop named The Hand of Man.  In the very back, with windows over looking the river and outdoor seating, is the River Rose Cafe where delicious soups, sandwiches, and dessert are served.  The stop was halfway between my sister-in-laws home and my own when we lived in PA.  My husband worked long hours and this was pre-children days, so I loved to pull off the highway here and indulge in the simple, but decadent pleasure of having a quiet lunch and tea.  My favorite sandwich was turkey, bacon, and avocado, on a fresh croissent.  To that I'd add a hot cup of tea and the sweet smell of baked goods, along with a good book and I'm sure there wasn't a more perfect way to spend an afternoon!

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