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Favorite Magazine

Image by InAweofGod'sCreation.

My favorite magazines are Cottage Living and Cook's Illustrated.  I rarely buy magazines; they would be considered a guilty pleasure.  But I love to get them when I go on vacation.  Give me a cup of tea and a magazine and I am soooo happy.  I like Cottage Living because I dream of living in a cottage by the water with lots of windows, comfy furniture, and cozy nooks.  Cook's Illustrated is fun because I love to cook and the recipes in it have been tried time and time again by "experts".  I also find great entertainment in the gadget reviews; so often they are items that seem completely superfluous, but then they'll tell you about the greatest knife sharpener, or rice cooker and I am hooked. 

My Three Favorite Songs

My Favorite Childhood Cartoon