Dr. Bertrand A. Kolles

Dr. Bertrand A. Kolles is a recognized specialist in advanced contact lens fitting. In addition to his expertise in fitting bifocal contact lenses, Dr. Kolles is considered one of the pioneers in Orthokeratolgoy. This is a method of shaping the cornea with a contact lens to restore unaided vision to 20/20.

Dr. Kolles attened St. John's University and completed his Doctorate degree in Chicago. He served in the military eye clinic in Munich, Germany. Then he practiced in a partnership with an internationally known contact lens specialist in Roseville, MN and later started a new Optometric practice in New Brighton, MN.

Dr. Kolles has lectured on Orthokeratology and contact lens fitting in Spain, Mexico and various US cities. His articles have been published in all the volumes of ORTHOKERATOLOGY from 1972-1981 and in the Journal of the American Optometric Association and numerous other professional journals. He has received recognition in "WHO'S WHO", and numerous awards.

Dr. Kolles is a recognized practitioner in the new development of Corneal Refractive Therapy procedures (CRT). Dr. Kolles states that CRT patients ONLY wear their specially designed contact lenses while sleeping and this will restore their unaided vision to 20/20 during the daytime. CRT contact lenses eliminate the need for glasses or daytime wearing of contact lenses.

Dr. Kolles resides in Roseville, MN where he and his wife raised three daughters and two sons. 

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