My Favorite TV Show

When thinking about my favorite TV show, I have to reflect on what has made the most impact in my life.  Sure, I could pick something that's a bit trendy right now, such as The Office, Mad Men, or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I could even share about the show I watch most, SportsCenter...but that doesn't count.  SportsCenter is kind of like drinking water or getting dressed in the morning; it's just what you do.  I could share about my favorite show to watch with my kids, The Wonder Pets.  But, it wouldn't be fair to the Backyardigans, a close second.  All of them are great ways to spend quality time in front of the TV, but none compare to the best show of all time:

Saved By The Bell. (Video clip from Dan 182 via YouTube.)

I would like to pretend that I haven't seen every episode at least 7 times (in my defense, it was on like 4 times a day everyday after school), or that I didn't have a total high school crush on Kelly Kapowski, or that I wish I could have hung out with Zack and the gang at "The Max."  No.  All of that would be a lie.  A very big lie.  This show shaped who I am today (okay, maybe not...).  In fact, I believe I would dominate a SBTB trivia contest.  If you are in your early to mid 30's, you watched this show...everyday.  If you are denying this, you are a big liar as well.  You probably even own a Bayside Tiger t-shirt that has been used as a steady pajama top for years.  So, whether your favorite episode was when Jessie got hooked on drugs, or when Screech and Lisa won the dance contest, or when A.C. Slater finally lost a wrestling match in college, or when Zack and Kelly finally got married, you loved it.  Very much. 

So, if you want to hang out later, I'll be at "The Max" wearing my stone-washed jeans, white high-top basketball shoes, and sharing a burger with one, Kelly Kapowski!