Flowers and Plants

I am not allowed to take care of plants at home...apparently, they don't "do well" when I "take care" of them.  My wife has a green thumb and you can tell by how great she takes care of our flowers and plants at home.  I think it's her way to escape and find peace with three little kids and one grown kid (me!) around all the time! 
I do have a favorite, however.  My parents had a very vibrant lilac bush in our backyard.  In the summer time, my mom would pick these purple beauties every morning and put them in a vase.  The smell lingered and danced around the whole house.  It was such a nice "good morning and make it a great day" kind of thing my mom would do for us.  I now enjoy when Melissa does the same for us with her flower and plant arrangements.  It's so cheery and thoughtful!