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For three generations, quality has been and continues to be fundamental. We control the entire process from beginning to end, scrutinizing every detail to ensure quality standards are met. Additionally, we work with the best materials on the market, such as natural acetate derived from cotton.

We work closely our brand partners to bring the latest trends and eyewear fashion to our customers! We take many factors into consideration such as manufacturing standards, design functionality, and sustainability.

Visit our showroom to see available styles, or schedule an appointment.

Model with bouffant and blue eye glassses
etnia barcelona logo

Distinctive eyewear balanced between quality, function, and design; character and emotion – making the eyewear as unique as the face wearing it.

Yellow eye glasses with shadow
Green eye glasses
Round frame eyeglasses
Tortoise shell and blue eyeglass frames
Elderly many with beard and books


Four women with red lisptick and eyeglasses


Cool kid with many colored eyeglasses

Kid's Glasses

Retro sunglasses
Retro Sunglasses
Oversized red sunglasses
Blue eyeglasses
Orange eyeglasses
Green cat eye glasses
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