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FACE A FACE is an audacious, non-conformist eyewear brand. It was born from Parisian artistic culture more than 25 years ago and has been evolving with it ever since. The collections draw inspiration from modern art, architecture, contemporary design and fashion trends.

With exquisite combinations of materials, unique shapes and vibrant colour palettes, it is more than just a brand. It's a reflection of the best the world has to offer. Each frame is a handcrafted work of art. There is luxury in every detail.

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Woman wearing designer glasses

Distinctive eyewear balanced between quality, function, and design; character and emotion – making the eyewear as unique as the face wearing it.

Pair of designer sunglasses with geometric shape
Black cat eye designer eyeglasses
Colorful cat eye designer eye glasses
Pair of red and black designer eye glasses
Woman in tan coat wearing sunglasses


Woman wearing colorful eye glasses


Man in blue weering eye glassesa


Pair of black red and blue designer eye glasses
Pair of blue and red designer eye glasses
pair of oversized designer eyeglasses
Pair of blue and black cat eye designer eye glasses
Pair of blue and red designer eye glasses
pair of black eye glasses
Details of Face a Face designer eyewear frames
Exquisite Details.

Eyewear design that never misses an opportunity for fun, color, and innovation!

Closeup of colorful face a face eyewear frames
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