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See how your lenses are really working.

At Rivertown Eye Care, we offer the most advanced technology and provide our patients with the highest quality eye care services. The Visionix VX40 is a cutting-edge digital lensmeter that ensures your prescription lenses are made with the utmost precision.


Visionix Wavefront Technology

Eye glasses being analyzed with the VX40 Machine
IExample of VX40 leans measurements

Benefits for Our Patients.

The Visionix VX40 accurately measures lens power, astigmatism, axis, and more to help reduce errors and ensure that your prescription lenses are perfectly tailored to your needs. This advanced technology provides a side-by-side comparison of our premium lenses versus other chain suppliers. 

VX40 Machine by Visionix

What is the Visionix VX40?

The Visionix VX40 is a state-of-the-art, fully-automatic digital lensmeter that accurately measures the optical properties of eyeglass lenses. It can detect and analyze bifocals, progressive, and single-vision lenses, producing a high-resolution topographical map of the power ranges across the lens. This allows our skilled opticians to efficiently verify and analyze your lenses to meet the highest quality standards for your vision needs.

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