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Seven Eye Exercises to Alleviate Eye Strain and Help Improve the Well-Being of Your Eyes, According to Eye Care Professionals at Rivertown Eye Care

We know that regular exercise can tone and build our muscles. Can the same logic be applied to our eyes?

Young man with glasses using a laptop and smart phone
We spend more time on screens, which can lead to digital eye strain.

In today's digital age, it's common for adults to spend upwards of eight hours each day staring at a screen. If you include the time spent on your phone or watching TV, that number can easily climb to 12 hours.

Focusing intently on close-up objects can tire your eyes. Many eye care professionals suggest specific eye techniques to combat this fatigue and improve eye well-being. The good news is that you don't need to spend hours doing these exercises to notice a difference.

What Are Eye Techniques?

The eyes are complex organs, not muscles that can be toned through exercise. Unlike muscles, eyes don't grow stronger with typical workouts.

Rather than "exercises," eye techniques aim to improve focus, enhance flexibility, and help with eye-brain coordination.

These eye exercises to alleviate eye strain can be beneficial for those experiencing eye tiredness, light sensitivity, and other issues.

Close up of a man's eye with sunlight

Seven Eye Exercise to Alleviate Eye Strain That You Can Try at Home

Here are seven eye techniques recommended by leading experts:

The 20-20-20 Rule

Using the 20-20-20 rule is great for those who frequently use computers. Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This quick break can relieve eye strain and dryness.

Illustration of the 20 20 20 rule

Switching Near and Far Focus

Cover one eye and alternate between focusing on distant and close-up objects. Repeating this 12 times can help with the speed and coordination of eye focusing, particularly as you age.

Focus Drills

Hold a pen at arm's length and concentrate on it. Slowly bring it closer until it blurs, then move it back out and repeat.


Allow your eyes to rest by covering your closed eyes with your palms without applying pressure. This creates a soothing dark environment, giving your eyes a momentary break.

Infinity Loops

Trace a sideways figure eight or an infinity loop with your eyes. Repeat this ten times.

infinity loop
Trace this shape with your eyes.

Eye Flexing

This involves moving your eyes up and down and from side to side without moving your head. It's an excellent way to stretch your eye muscles.

Clockwise Motions

Imagine your eyes are tracing the circumference of a clock. These circular eye motions can be helpful for tired, screen-strained eyes.

Do These Techniques Actually Help?

Prolonged close-up focus, like staring at a screen, can result in visual discomfort. These techniques aim to alleviate some of the downsides by enhancing your eyes' ability to focus and adjust.

At Rivertown Eye Care, we always want to ensure our patients enjoy their most comfortable, optimal vision. These are everyday techniques we share to help support the health of your eyes. If specific issues need to be addressed with vision therapy, we will refer you to a trusted specialist.

Results from these techniques can vary, and we are happy to consult you for personalized advice.

Additional Ways to Boost Eye Health

Annual eye exams and targeted nutritional supplements are also highly recommended. Wearing sunglasses to protect against UV damage is another helpful tip.

Give us a call today to schedule your comprehensive eye exam.


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