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The Benefits Of Contact Lenses: Clear Vision, Freedom of Movement, And So Much More!

Have you been thinking about contact lenses? Find out if they are right for you at Rivertown Eye Care.

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As the summer season heats up, it's time to enjoy all the outdoor activities that bring you joy. But for some, it also means dealing with the discomfort of sweaty glasses sliding down your nose or worrying about your frames during summertime fun. What if there was a way to experience clear vision and freedom of movement without the constraints of glasses? Contact lenses might be the answer.

Contact lenses are thin discs typically made of a soft plastic-like material. Worn directly on the cornea of your eye, they serve the same purpose as glasses—to correct refractive errors and enhance vision. But unlike glasses, contact lenses give you a full field of unobstructed vision wherever you look. This makes them ideal for people engaged in sports and outdoor activities, especially during the summer months.

There are several advantages to wearing contact lenses. For one, they can offer a natural field of view, unhindered by frames. They also remain unaffected by weather conditions—no more foggy glasses due to a mask or humidity! Additionally, wearing contact lenses allows you to freely wear non-prescription sunglasses and fashion eyewear, offering more flexibility with your summer style.

Contact lenses come in various types to suit different vision needs and lifestyles. Daily disposables are perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance option. We recommend these to most of our patients as they are more hygienic– a fresh pair every day reduces the chance of developing an eye infection.

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Toric lenses are made for people with astigmatism, and multifocal lenses cater to those who require different lens powers for distance and close work, similar to progressive glasses.

However, as convenient as contact lenses are, it's crucial to follow proper hygiene and care to ensure the health of your eyes. This involves washing your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses, cleaning and replacing your lenses as directed by your eye doctor, and regularly replacing your contact lens case.

A great benefit of being a Rivertown Eye Care patient is the support we provide for new contact lens users. We offer a one-on-one class with our contact lens technicians to teach you how to insert and remove lenses and care for your eyes while wearing contacts. When ordering an annual supply of contact lenses, our patients also have access to additional savings on their contacts, glasses, and sunglasses! This can help make it more affordable to enjoy the benefits of contacts.

Contact lenses can be a liberating choice for many people, allowing more freedom to enjoy summer activities. Imagine playing beach volleyball without worrying about your glasses falling off, or spending time by the lake or pool with your kids without blurry vision. Contact lenses can make these moments more carefree and enjoyable.

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At Rivertown Eye Care, we are dedicated to helping you find the best vision solutions to suit your lifestyle. Our team is ready to assist you in making the transition to contact lenses as smooth and comfortable as possible. Start your journey towards crystal clear, glasses-free vision today.

Call to schedule your appointment, and you could be enjoying life in contact lenses before you know it.


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