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Explore the World of Designer Eyewear: Trends to Watch in 2024 for the Eyewear Obsessed (re: Us)


Beautiful woman wearing aviator glasses
Gold aviators by Barton Perreira

Find the most exciting eyewear trends of 2024 at Rivertown Eye Care in Hastings, Minnesota.

If you are anything like us, you are a leeeeetle bit obsessed when it comes to eyewear (and all things eye care!)

As 2024 begins, the opticians at Rivertown Eye Care in Hastings, MN, are excited about a new year in designer eyewear style. Let’s guide you through the latest and most inspiring trends in high-end eyewear. Whether you're in the heart of the Twin Cities or call scenic Hastings home, we bring you closer to the epitome of style, comfort, and quality.

Let's explore what this year has in store for your eyes!

Eyewear Trend 1: Sustainable Luxury

Our commitment to high-quality materials is at the foundation of each designer line on our showroom shelves. At Rivertown Eye Care, we embrace eco-friendly elegance with our range of sustainable luxury eyewear. Crafted from high-quality, environmentally conscious materials, these frames not only make a fashion statement but also reflect a commitment to the planet.

What makes eyewear sustainable, you ask? Ooh, we LOVE that question! In fact, we have a whole BLOG POST about it! Here are a few examples:

Etnia Barcelona is dedicated to creating eco-friendly eyewear using high-quality, sustainable materials such as natural acetate, which is a 100% renewable and recyclable material derived from cotton and wood fibers. You can learn more about their sustainability practices on their website, HERE!

Person holding up acetate samples
Natural materials + respectful production + slow fashion at Etnia Barcelona


Barton Perreira is committed to responsible manufacturing, utilizing sustainable materials like bio-based acetate and ensuring that their production process has minimal environmental impact.

Maui Jim is dedicated to using eco-friendly materials in their eyewear, including biodegradable nylon lenses and frames made from renewable resources.


SALT Optics has implemented a series of sustainable initiatives that reduce its environmental footprint and contribute to a greener future.


Eyewear Trend 2: Vintage Revival

Vintage is back with a modern twist! Discover our collection of retro-inspired frames, blending timeless designs with contemporary flair, perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to your everyday look.

The Era: 1960s

The Era: 1970s and 1980s

Brands to try: Etnia Barcelona, Face à Face

Oversized green glasses
Etnia Barcelona

Chunky tortoise glasses
Etnia Barcelona

Ombre oversized sunglasses
So seventies! frames by Face à Face

Red oversized glasses
Kyoto by Face à Face

The Era: 1990s and 2000s

Brands to try: Silhouette, ProDesign

1990s and 2000s minimalism is back.


Eyewear Trend 3: Bold Geometrics

For those who dare to stand out, our geometric frames are a must-see. Featuring striking shapes and angles, these pieces are more than just eyewear; they're wearable art.


Etnia Barcelona, Face a Face, Barton Perreira

Eyewear Trend 4: Minimalist Chic

Minimalist glasses are a cornerstone of any sleek wardrobe.

If simplicity is your style, you'll adore our offering of minimalist, chic frames. Clean lines, understated designs, and neutral colors define this trend, offering elegance in its purest form. Plus, this style tends to be lighter than air, for all-day comfort of wear. 


Silhouette, Lool, Charmant

Eyewear Trend 5: Color Splash (Re: RED!)

Add a pop of color to your wardrobe with our vibrant frames. From bold primaries to soft pastels, we have a hue for every mood and occasion.

Red is a top color for 2024. Add this power color to your eyewear game!


EB, FaF, ProDesign

Eyewear Trend 6: Custom Craftsmanship:

Experience the ultimate in luxury with hand-crafted eyewear. The brands that we choose to carry use time-tested, traditional methods to hand-craft each pair of frames with precision, care, and art. What’s more, when you are styled for your frames at Rivertown Eye Care, our opticians are skilled at making exact, fine-tuned adjustments for a perfect fit!

Ready to elevate your eyewear experience? Visit Rivertown Eye Care in Hastings, MN, and let our expert team guide you through a personalized styling session.

Discover the perfect blend of fashion and function, tailored just for you. Whether you're in the Twin Cities or the charming streets of Hastings, your journey to exceptional eyewear starts here. Book your appointment today and step into the world of luxury eyewear with Rivertown Eye Care – where vision meets fashion.

Designer Interior and showroom of Rivertown Eye Care in Hastings, Minnesota
Experience the difference at Rivertown Eye Care. A boutique-like experience, compassionate care, and state-of-the-art eye health technology. We love your eyes!


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